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Alum Profile: Bryan Vacchio

Contribution: Editor
Focus: Complete Re-Edit
Goals: Find a narrative flow, cut down extra information, give the UofSC athletic's "hype man" a "hype" video.


Unique Challenges 

When I first saw Bryan's video, I immediately wanted to revise it from the original team's edit. While my project supervisor was prepared to scrap this video, I had a vision.

To achieve my vision I had to completely scrap the original version and start over. I changed everything which required time and commitment to see the project to its completion.

Excerpt of Original Edit

Excerpt of Original Bryan Vacchio Edit
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To help fix the video's flow, I added a beginning montage that introduces us to Bryan's work. He makes cool things so I wanted to showcase them. This is meant to catch the audience's attention and lead them into his interview.


Music plays an important role in Bryan's athletic "hype" videos so I wanted to replicate that in his profile video. I opted for a hip-hop-inspired track to give the audience a consistent tone. The music during his interview is also consistent, albeit less aggressive than the introduction track. My goal for the sound was to create a memorable auditory atmosphere.


A minor fix to the frame was made to crop out Bryan's chair in the first edit. There was also a conscious decision to avoid showing shots where Bryan was moving his hands a lot as it was distracting due to the angle of the camera.

The inclusion and utilization of b-roll were important to me as this is Bryan's work. While listening to each section of his interview I made it a point to find relevant b-roll and cuts from his hype videos. By doing this I was able to assemble structure and visual flow.


Final Revision 

Alum Profile: Bryan Vacchio, '17
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