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Graphic Design & Digital Art

While working with video has been a primary focus of mine, I also have an extensive history of working with graphic design. From high school, I have won awards for my art and have had my designs featured on t-shirts, fundraising cards, and more.


cell out art

I started abstract painting in 2020 as a way to create tangible art that I would have little control over as opposed to my highly scrutinized digital works. However, when you start building an audience and expanding you want to represent yourself visually. My little painting excursion has kept me busy creating business cards, stickers, flyers, websites, and everything in between.


Apparel Mockups

Logo Design

Obviously, a logo is the face of any entity that a passerby sees first. To figure out which look I wanted, I opted to focus on stark contrast by keeping my design simple and bold.

Here are a few iterations I tried before settling on my final design.

1st place award at the 2015 Western Carolina State Fair
Concentration 2
Concentration 5
Concentration 12
Concentration 9
Concentration 10

Geometric Sea Creatures

These images are from my AP Studio Art concentration where I wanted to explore taking organic forms and simplifying them to their basic shapes.


UofSC Women's Quad Shirts

During fall 2018 I had the opportunity to design the shirts for the Women's Quad residence hall at the University of South Carolina. 

Freelance Art & Design

I have been freelancing since high school by taking small design jobs, making commissioned art pieces, and developing my own branding for my abstract paintings.

Each project is new but making clients happy is a constant. I love making someone's vision come to life whether it be through a logo, painting, or a cute comic as a gift to a colleague.

Painting commission
Digital painting commission
Painting commission
Logo design
Logo design
Tattoo mockup
Art print
Comic commission
Print mockup


Aiken Earth Day 2015

In 2015 I won first place at the Aiken Earth Day Tote Bag Art Contest with my digital design (created in Illustrator, of course).

2015 Western Carolina State Fair

1st and 2nd place ribbons are not too shabby.


Aiken High Booster Club

While designing for my high school yearbook in 2014, I was approached to create a 'merchant card' for the Aiken High Booster Club.

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