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Alum Profile: Chris Colburn

Contribution: Editor
Focus: Color Correction


For Chris' video, we wanted to downplay the flush in his skin so through six total revisions we finally achieved a satisfactory skin tone.

Additionally, the existing green screen key had some green fill that we wanted to hide. I did not have access to the original team's raw files so I had no way of creating a new key. I decided the best way to camouflage the key was to change the background color to a blue-green. This way any green fill would possibly look intentional or at least more logical.


After viewing the original edit of Chris' video I decided to change the background music. Since Chris has experience with the Red Hot Chili Peppers I wanted to maintain more of an alternative sound in his interview.

Flow and misc. 

There were minimal changes to the original flow of the video. A few sentences or phrases were cut from the original video that was deemed extra by the project manager.

Small details were also added like the "Alum Spotlight" title card and black drop shadows to white text that was not completely legible.

Unique Challenges 

Since I was not the original editor of this video I did not have access to all the raw footage. I was working with the previous team's incomplete project files. This provided some difficulties as I had to trace their editing steps by looking through every folder and Premiere Pro sequence. I did not have Chris' original interview footage pre-green screen key so I had to exercise some serious improvising skills. 

colburn before.JPG
chris after.jpg

Final Revision 

Alum Profile: Chris Colburn, '17
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