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Graphic Design

By understanding design composition and abiding by branding guidelines, I deliver print and digital materials with ease. Regardless of where the design will be shown my mindset remains the same- what is the most vital piece of information in this message and how do I visually communicate that?


Most of my video work is done for social media, so check out the CIC socials here.

The College of Information and Communications

The College of Information and Communications at the University of South Carolina is home to the School of Journalism and Mass Communications as well as the School of Information Science. Both schools are dedicated to informing the next generation of storytellers, data analysts, and librarians. The CIC at USC fosters a unique culture of prioritizing adaptability and resilience while also providing unwavering support for current students and alumni.


During any event I cover, I focus on capturing the emotions that audience members and participants are feeling at the moment. How does this event make people feel and how can I visually communicate that? I want to document the laughs, joy, focus, and sometimes tears that each event has to offer.

What do I do?

As the Visual Communications Coordinator at the CIC I work as a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, social media manager, and help maintain the web. I have created program flyers, event programs, award applications, digital signage, and much more. Collaboration across departments is a number one requirement for this work. We are all on the same team working towards a unified goal- how can we provide the best experience for students that will set them up for success.

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